Hi there! My name’s Hallie and I’m a planner addict, and if you’ve stumbled onto this site you probably are, too. I started my planner journey shortly after getting engaged and realizing that my tiny phone wasn’t going to cut it for scheduling all the vendors, fittings, events, etc. I’ve now been down in this rabbit hole of glorious stickers, paper and accessories for two years and love it more every day. I am now the doting parent of an Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Passion Planner and bullet journal.

This hobby can get rather expensive if you have to buy every little thing, so I always appreciate it when blogs and shopowners share free goodies online. The planner community is so inspiring and inviting that I thought I’d post my two cents here and attempt to make some free stuff for you guys. Thank you for stopping by and happy planning!